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Why Beto's Climate Plan Is So Surprising

Why Beto's Climate Plan Is So Surprising30-04-2019 17:24
Tai Hai Chen
01-05-2019 01:13
That is just more reason why he will never be elected.
01-05-2019 04:53
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I don't the the democrats figure on winning this time around. They have 20 candidates running so far, which is a pretty broad divide for their voters. Maybe half the herd will drop out this summer, their supporters won't feel as strongly toward the remaining, since they are likely the reason their favorite was forced out of the race. Climate Change probably won't get much attention, since it involves robbing the same people they need to vote for them. It's best not to announce your intentions, when looking to steal from people. Taxing the rich is trickle down, just like tax cuts for the rich. If the cost of doing business (getting richer) increases, they simply tighten the purse strings, and raise prices. Shorter supply, and high demand, means the still make money, government might get a larger share, but in the end, we all have to pay for it.

Basically, Climate Change is just something to waste money talking about, but no one is going to actually agree on how to solve a problem, that doesn't actually exist. Just talking about, allows them to shift money around, with little oversight, no results expected. Spending on solutions, people expect to see results, and how the money got spent, and why.

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