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What the hell...

What the hell...23-08-2019 04:27
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★

California's drought ended late last year, less than 12 months ago, so the salmon have been doing poorly for about 5 years. Least that's what the story was, not mention climate change destroy in the oceans, killing off all the fish...

Why are the harvesting record numbers of endangered fish, coming inland to reproduce? Seems like if they actually cared about the fish, and future harvests, they would have kept their restrictions in place, let nature take it's course, insuring that the species continued to do well. How can they expect a recovery, if they keep killing them off in mass quantities?

There was a mention of Alaska's fishing as well, seems like the salmon up there are dying in the global warming effect rivers a streams... They never mentioned if the salmon are dying before, or after they spawned. They always die in the streams, after they spawn, warming or not. Just had to put something negative, climate change wise in there...
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