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The USA Must Change The President Election Rules To Make Life More Fair & Interesting

The USA Must Change The President Election Rules To Make Life More Fair & Interesting28-07-2021 04:23
The USA Must Change The President Election Rules To Make Life More Fair & Interesting
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Most if not all nations are still using very outdated election rules.
If there is a single nation should make a new revolution and kick off the new era, then it must be the United States Of America.

The current US election system is more about the battle between each political party, between team.
While the ultimate purpose is elect a leader who can lead a nation.

Just like many other nations, the top leader still be elected by a small amount of people (that can be bought).
The system is pretty much like this: Tier 1 people vote for Tier 2, Tier 2 vote for Tier 3.
I don't need to explain more because the information about the current system you can find on the internet. What I want to talk in this article the the change should be made.

Step 1: US President Candidates
The requirement should be more tough, more equal:
– 35 years old should be reduce to 30 years old.
– 10 to 20 million US Dollar fee (refund if you become the US president), could be switch to gold/silver to make sure it equal, and/or even some other foreign currencies the USA have trade deficit with.
The reason for this requirement is because everybody care about money now, and if you do not know how to make money which mean you do not on the same ground with the people, do not understand the life of the public.
– Must be 100% man or woman, no transgender no gay no lesbian because you would not be born if your parents are not 100% man and woman.
– Must not from any political party.

Anyone can become US president candidate as long as they can spend the fee and meet other requirements.

Step 2: Qualifying Round
– 4 candidates will be selected and nominated by all political parties (each popular political party with allowed to be select from 1 to 2 candidates depend on their popular in all states).
– 4 candidates will be selected via the public through SMS voting.

So totally the maximum number of candidates is 8.
But if there is any candidate be selected by both way, then that number can be reduce to 7, 6, 5, or 4.

Step 3: Final Voting Round
It will based on point system where 50% will decided by political party and 50% will decided by the public directly.
The total point is 1000, any candidate want to become the president must receive at least 500 point.

When people go into the poll station, they will must select 2 things:
– 1 is the president candidate.
– 2 is the political party.

+ Public Direct Voting
1% equal 5 point, 10% equal 50 point, 100% equal 500 point.
The minimum is percentage will be 0.1% equal 0.5 point.

+ Political Party Selection
Keep the current electoral college system but the total electors vote should be redesigned if you want result number easier to remember and know(not really important).
In each state, each political party must announce only 1 candidate they chose to the public at least 30 days before the voting. Here could mean the same political party can choose 4 candidate in 4 different states.

Step 4: Result Calculating
– A candidate can become the president once he/she have 500 point.
– If no any candidate can reach the magic 500 point then the top 2 candidates will do another round.

That is my idea, my advice.
I could spend time, more effort on the system but since I do not get paid, I do not born or live in the USA so I have no reason to spend time and effort anymore.

But if you guys use my idea, my solution, you guys need my special requirement and a fair amount of donation. Not only the USA but also for other nations too.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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28-07-2021 04:43
The US needs a 3rd viable party. Also, too many countries do not play the long game but are swayed by wealthy investors who place profit over quality of life.
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