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The Public Cure Revelation For The Corona Virus NCOV Must Related To Climate Change

The Public Cure Revelation For The Corona Virus NCOV Must Related To Climate Change08-08-2020 04:15
The Public Cure Revelation For The Corona Virus NCOV Must Related To Climate Change

After seveal months of this stupid nonsense virus pandemic.
I can now confirm that the "cure" will be revealed to the public must related to climate change, global warming subject. And it must contribute and have direct impact on human life with the goal is to save this civilization from natural catastrophe disaster.

The public cure for the new corona virus NCOV SARS-COV-2 must meet 4 requirements:
1. Have a real positive effect on human body.
2. Solve the climate change problem.
3. Just enough solution, not overkill.
4. Got approved by super deities/gods who are residing in many temples/jungle/mountain.

As a real legendary savior, I can reveal to you that special cure right now.
The SARS-1 was cured by "get closer with nature", so the cure for the SARS-COV-2 must be the same but will higher pressure but with the same object "get much closer with natural environment".

Here are the result all of you are waiting for:
- Changing bedroom and bed condition so the body can have direct connection with Earth nature.
- Changing wearing clothes from plastic polyester to 100% organic material such as cotton/hemp.

The direct connection with Earth nature is like you walking barefoot on the clay or sleep on the sand.
The bedroom wall will be made by natural material such as bamboo, hempcrete, clay, etc.
The bed you are sleeping in will be made with tree part.

Many of you may wonder what is the benefit of above method.
The answer is that: all human body have ion- and ion+, when you have direct touch/connection with nature, the "human body unwanted ion type" will secret return back to natural environment. So that your body will be more balance and feel stronger, have more energy.

You can do your own research on this subject on search engine, there are some videos already talk about it.

The goal is not just raise awareness of the public, but also save planet Earth from natural catastrophe.

The house material will be built with another material but with cheaper price, instead of now almost all toxic hard concrete, so as the wearning clothes and other stuffs.

Above method is the only want got approved by super deities, natural gods. All kind of other "solution" like vaccines, drugs will never be allowed to be used. All the super deities will do everything include casting floods, break building, earthquake, tsnuma, etc. in order to prevent it.

If you want to receive license to share above information on the public media or have any communication, please ask me at forum

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Chirst Buddha Whatever-Name

08-08-2020 04:39
Are you kidding me? Sleep on the filthy, germy, bug-infested bare ground? Might cure a common cold, but what other nasty infections, parasites am I going to have cure? A cold ain't so bad, 5-7 days, all better.

Barefoot, in Florida, during the summer? Are you nuts? It's get's pretty damn hot, burn the feet quick. We are just getting started on the hurricane season this year. Concrete block houses, are the safest, and last a long time. Everything else rots and breaks too easy here.

What do you mean by 'climate change'? The climate is suppose to change, changes all the time, it's natural, and necessary. Like to day, it started out, a warm climate, then by noon, it was pretty damn hot, mid 90s F. Later in the afternoon, it got cloud, but still damn hot, humid too. Few minutes later it rained, it rained really hard too. Strong winds, lightning, which was striking pretty close, really rattle the windows, power was out briefly. About an hour later, the clouds started clear off, and we had a pretty cool sunset. It's dark outside, cooled down some, about 82 F, light breeze. Kind of a nice climate, considering the rest of the day. Would I appreciate the climate change as much, with out the unpleasant parts earlier? I certainly needed the rain, for my plants. Not some much for the lawn, probably have to mow in, in a few days. You can't really appreciate the good in this world, unless you endure some of the bad.

Maybe if you spent less time burning 'hemp', you might see the world differently, and appreciate life, and the world around you more. Stop focusing on all the bad crap going on, since it's a balance. Can't have one, without the other.
09-08-2020 04:31
The truth is this virus pandemic is a proxy war about "Climate Change" and "Financial System".
The climate change here is just normal floods but the super catastrophe like volcano eruption.
And the entities/groups who behind mainstream media are scaring the shit out of that.
Time travel was used but the problem is not CO2, the time traveler is not allow to bring all the correct knowledge back!
That is the way of life.

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