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The IPPC climate report and what I personally think of it!

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28-02-2019 19:45
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
YoucefZX wrote:
Into the Night wrote:
YoucefZX wrote:
Look no further the magnetic north pole moves at 55km per year towards Siberia!

As is so often the case, the UK news is wrong.

The magnetic pole is currently moving at about 10km per year toward the geographic north pole, not Siberia. It's current location is somewhat NW of Greenland.
YoucefZX wrote:
I'm not so sure however as the cause of this sudden wandering, most likely our solar system is under the influence of a magnetic force form interstellar space.

It is not a sudden 'wandering'. It is a fairly steady progression that has been noted since the 1800's. Charts are routinely updated to reflect this change.
10 km per year? Strange on the noaa site they confirmed the 50km per year they posted charts on their site:

What does the UK have to do with charts form NOAA anyway?


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06-03-2019 11:14
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This has nothing to do with the ipcc report and yet it does in a way.

The US showing unseasonably cold temperatures I wonder how those global warming idiots must feel reeling form the cold why trying to sell that the world is becoming too hot to live in.
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Join the debate The IPPC climate report and what I personally think of it!:

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