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The Changing Climate of Social Media

The Changing Climate of Social Media12-07-2019 00:49
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I don't use social media, forums are about as close as get, but I do get to share in all the fun. Not just from news reports, but family, friends, co-workers, all addicted to one form or another, feel obligated to share, since I'm not signed up, or even use a cell phone.

Last week, it was licking ice cream at Walmart, and putting it back on the shelf. This week, doctors office? This one was record by the girls own mother, and shared. My parents wouldn't have let me touch the stuff at all, just sit quietly and wait. Certainly, the girl didn't wash her hands, so the 'licking' part, wasn't the only concern, probably not even the biggest. Sick people go to the doctor, they couch, the sneeze, many are polite, and cover their face, as not to spray, but then then go and touch things. The touch things, that most other patients will likely touch later. Not usually a huge risk, skin is a pretty good barrier to infection, unless you have an open wound.

I really don't understand the purpose of these silly, and potentially dangerous social media 'challenges'. Don't really care about those that only effect the fool attempting them. But there have been quite a few that put others at risk. The first one, less than 10 years ago, was the 'Knock-out' game, where a team would approach a complete stranger, and attempt a one punch knock out, will one of the others got the video. Seemed really stupid, somebody was always going to get hurt, possibly kill, and the proof is on the cell phone, and social media, no hope of a defense. Been so many, lets see.. couple years ago, it was the Fire Challenge, where the participant splashed on some sort of flammable liquid, and lit it up. Aside from severe burns on some, one kid panicked, set his grandmother's apartment on fire (he was just there for a visit), which also damage two other apartments as well.

There are also group events, that are get disturbing. Flash mobs use to be odd, harmless, sort of amusing. Lately, they are more like rioting and looting. The go into stores or business, vandalize and steal, sometimes beat up on people, who get in their way, if they didn't move fast enough. All caught on video, upload to social media for all to see, even the police. Maybe they are auditioning for Bernie Sander's paid protestors this time around.
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