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Perfect Solution for Climate Change Global Earth

Perfect Solution for Climate Change Global Earth27-11-2017 10:26
King Solution 02: Perfect Solution for Climate Change Global Earth

For anyone miss the first part:

Many nations, scientist, professors and others still do not understand Climate Change correctly. Because of that, no matter how much money you spend, how much technology, machine you use, how many policies, agreement you have, it just does not solve the problem. What I mean here is solve the problem FOREVER, not type of this year we spend billion next year we spend another billions without seeing the final destination.

Understanding Climate Change
Climate Change is a state of detoxing of Nature Earth, example: floods, earthquake, storm, hurricane, cold winter hot summer, harsh weather, etc.

As I already said in my previous article, the major toxin on Earth land are man-made GMO plant, drugs, pesticides, etc.

All nations, cities in "tropical zone" but still have cold winter hot summer, harsh weathers is also not normal. I can also call it as climate change or Nature Earth is trying to detox as well.

All nations suffer harsh weather almost everyday like in "cold zone" like Russia, Greenland, Finland, Canada, the polar or "hot zone" like Africa, Australia it because of the previous "super detox Flood" from nature Earth. I am not sure how many "super Flood" have occurred on Earth but the Bible said it occurred few times already. It all happened and may happend in the future as well because of the stupid-human-action.

Many beings from that "previous era" who still alive and living in the hollow Earth or in some high area like Bhutan, Nepal, China, etc. but they are not allowed to talk or intervence into the current Earth affair because they are out of the party. It is like when your game is over and finished, you are out, you have to wait others "pass this state of the game" before you can allowed rejoin the party again. And of course they may give me & you some "items" like Gold, Silver, etc. But absolutely not allowed to talk about all history or real solution to help planet Earth at this moment.

Solutions for Climate Change

Nature Earth is very smart, if your nation your city do not have any "toxin", there is absolutely no way you have flood, earthquake, harsh weather. You may receive some "lovely touch" like tropical rain get in get out within 1 hour type only.

So the Climate Change is not the global problem, it is your every's city, nation problem. In term or economy, energy, if your city your nation always have over 30C temperature all year round without any floods, earthquakes, it is also mean more foods more money, and healthier life for both the nation and their citizens as well.
I highly recommend all nations work with nature, invest in technology & temporary methods never work in long term & cost a lot of money. My solution is working with nature, it is cheap (close to free) and it is once time cost, set and forget, never have to worry about disaster anymore.

Here is the solutions base on the current Earth situation:

1. Ban & Remove all GMO plants/seeds on the surface of that nation [Replace by only Organic non-GMO heirloom seeds]

GMO plants/seeds is the worst toxic, there is a replacement as Organic non-GMO heirloom seeds. The policy could start right tomorrow in any nation.

2. Education, teaching citizen about the role of animals, plants & the truth about climate change

It is the fastest and safest way to solve this global crisis. Many animals job is clean the ocean & environment but most humans still not understand it, these are the animals are not allowed to eat in the Torah (Jewish). If you can have a nature cleaning animal army, there is no machine/technology can replace them, and you will never have to worry anymore.

3. Ban all animal factories farming & pesticides within 24 months

This is really depends on how smart of each Governments, few tips to help both farmer and buyers are: giving free away organic non-GMO heirloom seeds, tell citizens about alternative plant-base protein like bean, rice, etc. Teach farmers about permaculture farming. Frankly it could be done within few months if the "right" people incharge of that nation.

4. Ban selling all root vegetables

If you ask me what diet is the best for long term planet Earth, it must be vegan non-Root. Human should only dig Root if there is no foods left, but the truth is there is too much plant foods already.

5. Ban all man made drugs

Man-Made-Lab Drugs is the biggest scam of all time. Most of them do not detox the body at all, instead they only "compress toxin" into deeper organ layer.

I can challange all kind of Doctor, Professors and healing any disease within 7-30 days (depend on level of toxin inside) with 100% organic nature plant base. If any nation Government want to test and verify the "truth face of man-made-drug", you can just test by themself, you must test base on authentic face-to-face result, do not test base on what machine or others "told you so".

6. Replace plastic, oil fuel with renewable energy

The Government can support renewable energy company/industry. The best way is to low down the cost to non-profit. Do not buy cheap oil-machine, cars because it does not help you in long term at all, the cost of cleaning environment & others way beyond the cost of electric-machine. Be smart, buy 1 in 20 years rather than buy 4 in 20 years (that's why I said human have not yet understand & master the meaning of money and planet Earth).

7. Promote natural material
Thougout history, human used to use organic natural cotton, bamboo, hemp but they are forgetting it now. From wearing, cloths, shoes to house structure, there is always natural love-by-natural material out there, it is cheaper more effective than anything man-made-lab material.

8. Others

The major needed policies I already talk above. There is many more small things any Governments can help their citizens like introducing new type company base on volunteer-contribution, more transparency price, but the most important must be education about nature, planet.

I want to keep all the traditions of each nations as well, so it is all up to each nations and their citizen decisions. There is no need for man-made One World Government because it is too robot and not fun.

Diversity is great but never forget you are living in Nature Earth, you must follow her rule because her is the One World Government Wonder already. As long as you play & follow her rule & orders, you only receive "lovely touch" like tropical rain within 1 hour only, there cannot be any harsh weather, floods, earthquake.

Good Luck, Have Fun !


The Mysterious Nature


I allow any body/group use the content above to anywhere but do not change the meaning/purpose & have any kind of commercial at both physical & spirit level, and must use the writer nickname as "The Mysterious Nature" or "Udumbara Flower King". And do not have to write the website address location.
I do not want to show off as the Messiah or Spirit King on mainstream media and/or tv.

27-11-2017 12:33
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
Top 10 Worst Movie Accents
27-11-2017 20:54
kingsolution - exactly what are your credentials to be making what is little more than another flying saucer story?
27-11-2017 21:26
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Wake wrote:
kingsolution - exactly what are your credentials to be making what is little more than another flying saucer story?

Who cares? Credentials don't mean anything on forums. You STILL haven't figured that out yet.

The 'flying saucer' story as you put it speaks for itself. He obviously believes the Earth is hollow and everything man made is evil.

The Parrot Killer

Debunked in my sig. - tmiddles

Google keeps track of paranoid talk and i'm not on their list. I've been evaluated and certified. - keepit

nuclear powered ships do not require nuclear fuel. - Swan

While it is true that fossils do not burn it is also true that fossil fuels burn very well - Swan
Edited on 27-11-2017 21:27
28-11-2017 23:07
"old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting (& rotting) racist pukey proud pig AGW denier liar whiner badnight" bluffed: The 'flying saucer' story...
The "flying saucer" story is old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting (& rotting) racist pukey proud pig AGW denier liar whinerisms.

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