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graysonline solar

graysonline solar28-02-2013 12:12
Solar panels are the most effective source of domestic renewable energy for your home. Recent studies have shown that implementation of a Solar Power System in your home could be the best way to cut your electricity bills. Solar Panels installed on your roof will generate free energy that can be used to power your household & help cut down your grid-power requirements.
grays solar04-03-2013 10:51
The Federal Government Renewable Energy Scheme offers Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's) to anyone that installs a Solar PV System on their property. These certificates have a market value that fluctuates and are financially traded.

RE: grays solar29-04-2013 12:05
This is really great and thanks for sharing with us. We are provide complete electrical services of repair, installation & cleaning of air conditioners, Solar Panels, Tv Antennas, Split systems and more by using quality products.

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