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Climate change: Search of right ideas

Climate change: Search of right ideas21-08-2013 09:23
Can the study on interaction between moon and stars help understand environmental changes on earth?
23-08-2013 21:23
That sounds like a job for !!! lol. I am no astrophysicist, but I am an environmental science student. I'm not sure what you mean by "interaction between moon and stars", but I believe all celestial bodies emit energy, which may have some kind of impact on the environment. I doubt it would be anything significant though. Most environmental changes are driven by processes right here on earth. The planet is a closed system, sort of like our bodies. Stuff (energy) comes in, and stuff (other energy) goes out, but the stuff that goes in is absorbed or used by the planet, and is not the same amount or stuff when it goes out... If that makes sense lol. This basically means that most of the environmental changes on the planet happen through systems here on the planet. For example jet streams, greenhouse gases, water cycle, biological cycles, etc..
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