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China's Air pollution

China's Air pollution16-04-2014 03:04
Hey there!

My name is Jeff and I am doing some research on China's Air Pollution and how it is affecting the world we live in today. Over the course of the last couple of weeks we have seen some news media coverage on the subject but not enough to actually cause an impact on the general public. What I wish to do is present my research in a documentary format so that it may reach a broader audience and, hopefully, cause a greater impact on today's youth.

The name of the project is called Dragon Breath and it is being designed to engage the viewer by presenting them with a sequence of imagery and music that will hopefully succeed in delivering the facts and core message.

But in order to have this documentary come to fruition, I need the support of communities, such as this one, to be willing to pledge support in my idea. You can pledge support by clicking on the link below which would take you to the project landing page where there is a video as to what I intend to do as well as a proposed timeline.

Pledging is simple, you simply click on the amount you wish to pledge and Kickstarter will link with your amazon account. If successfully funded, kickstarter will transact the amount that you pledged originally. If the project is not funded by May 17, 2014 nothing will happen, no transactions will be made and the project will be cancelled.

Please follow the link posted below and review the project. Feel free to contact me with any question, concerns or advice that you may have regarding the project. Together we can make this work and deliver our message far and wide.

Kindest Regards,
Jeff Sosa
11-07-2014 12:56
Hi Jeff,

great challenge and i wish you the best! Indeed, China air pollution is a major problem.

just show this video [youtube]q4DtOhe2LfQ[/youtube]

or here if it doesn't work


08-08-2014 06:35
micheal rose
Great post! I love to see this type of passion for a cause, that some blindly don't think exists

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