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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders03-10-2019 23:47
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Well, Bernie is showing his age, and just had emergency heart surgery. I'm sure he got immediate treatment, by some of the best health care providers on the planet. Not that he wouldn't have, if we had universal health care, being rich. The rest of us might not have survived the wait. They all should be mandated to carry only ObamaCare plans, and live with what we got stuck with. Most definitely the health care provided to elected officials who voted for it, should only get that, since our tax dollars pay for it.

Not sure how soon he'll be back on the campaign trail though, should be a month or two, and not at all, if he listens to his doctors advice. He got a quick fix, it's not a strong repair. He'll need more work, if he doesn't slow his pace considerably. Stints just open up the arteries enough to restore blood flow, but don't restore full function. They don't adjust to blood pressure or heart rate needs, just provide basic flow.

If he wants to live, he'll retire, and endorse one of the other candidates. Warren, seems to be the more socialist, and popular. But, I never thought he ever expected to win, even the primary. He mostly likes talking to large crowds, which he could draw any other way. He chose to go full socialist, knowing that would sell, but all the other socialist crap doesn't seem quite as extreme, compared to his crazy proposals, and sometimes sell well.

An 80 year old man, starting to have heart problems (sure he's known for years, just the first time it went public), doesn't really help his campaign. Winning the primary, would probably put him in the hospital again, the general election would kill him. Since I don't think ever believed he'd get that far. Socialism is dirty, evil word in America, and always will be. They can sneak a few things by, re-branding it. Just don't dare use the 'S' word. Free stuff for the poor, tax the rich, is an easy thing to sell.
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