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AOC's Idiotic View On Climate Change

AOC's Idiotic View On Climate Change14-09-2019 18:02
Early this morning AOC made the most idiotic claim to date you can see it here....

[link removed]
Edited by branner on 15-09-2019 18:23
14-09-2019 18:17
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
AOC is simply an idiot, haven't seen or heard anything from her, that makes sense. Not sure how she even got elected.

I didn't click the link, pretty sure it's a redirect, which I have no idea what all it does, before eventually taking me to the actual site. I still use dial-up internet, those redirects take minutes sometimes, so I tend to avoid them, unless I know otherwise, or have plenty of time.
14-09-2019 20:43
Into the NightProfile picture★★★★★
Don't bother. It's a very long sales pitch to sell a book that promises to recondition any type of battery, mostly by denying electrochemistry and using stuff found around your house.

In other words, it's a scam.

That said, you CAN get a bit more life out of lead acid batteries, but you can't do it with stuff around the house. You need to purchase some sulfuric acid.

Car batteries die because they build up lead sulfate in the bottom of the battery box and it eventually touches the plates shorting them out. The technique is simple and practice by some mechanics. Be aware that sulfuric acid is toxic to your plants.

Dump the old sufuric acid out. Remember, this stuff is acid. It will eat asphalt driveways, concrete, plants, and YOU if you get it on you. Use rubber gloves. Chemical burns are no fun. Using a hose, rinse out the battery box completely. A greenish whitish powder will get rinsed out. This is the lead sulfate. Be aware that lead sulfate is not paricularly water soluble and is toxic to your plants. When the battery box rinses clean, you are done. Now make up a new solution of battery acid using the sulfuric acid you bought. WARNING: handling sulfuric acid is dangerous! Combining water and sulfuric acid is potentially dangerous! Add acid to the water, not the other way around, and add it slowly. The concentration is 33% acid to water (use distilled water if you can).

When buying the sulfuric acid, you can sometimes find it at an auto store premixed. Just pour it into the battery. You need to cover the plates.

Once the battery has been cleaned and filled with new acid, use a current limited charger to charge it again. Do NOT allow the battery to get too hot during the initial charging sequence. Do NOT exceed 4 amps during initial charge! If you don't pay attention here, you can get an explosion!

Remember, this procedure IS dangerous, and is also toxic to the environment, and will only extend the life of the battery a little bit. The lead sulfate that you are washing out came from the plates themselves. They are developing holes.

If you come across a battery box that is bulged out in any way, DON'T TRY TO SAVE IT! The battery is dangerous! It will explode if you continue to use it! Recycle it instead.

In general, recycle the battery and get a new one. The recycler has a personal water treatment plant to properly handle the acid, the plastic can be washed and recycled, and the lead is melted down and made into new plates for a new battery.

Sealed batteries of any type MUST be recycled or discarded. There is no way to replace the electrolyte without destroying the battery casing.
RE: SPAM14-09-2019 20:49
tmiddlesProfile picture★★★★★

Don't click the link.

How do we get some moderation on here?
15-09-2019 01:34
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
tmiddles wrote:

Don't click the link.

How do we get some moderation on here?

I tried to warn people, without falsely accusing anyone, if I was wrong. Nobody gives away anything for free on the internet. Anything you find useful, and it's 'free', is somehow making money for the people providing it. The re-direct thing, generates traffic, which advertiser pay for. I don't wait around to see if it eventually takes you to the intended site or not. I just know that something is going on, that I didn't want or expect, probably not a good thing.

I've been using the internet a long time, before virus scanners. I learned to avoid things that put you at risk of infection. Back in the early days, viruses were mostly toys of bored college kids, just to see if they could. Took a while, before doing damage intentionally became the thing, and trying to out do somebody else. Turned out they could be useful in other ways too, like breaking into systems, stealing. I just avoid certain things out of habit, probably miss out on a few things, but it's better than losing a lot of things.

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