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Whirlpool theory of ocean deadzones?

Whirlpool theory of ocean deadzones?19-09-2018 09:09
Vertical movement of ocean waters

The waters of lakes, seas and oceans of the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise, while the waters of the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise, forming giant whirlpools.

As you know, everything that rotates, including whirlpools, has the property of a gyro (yule) to maintain the vertical position of the axis in space, regardless of the rotation of the Earth.

If you look at the Earth from the side of the Sun, the whirlpools, rotating together with the Earth, overturn, due to which the whirlpools precess, and as a result there is a vertical movement of oceanic waters.

The presented theory can be easily verified by the connection between the oxygen content and the rotation speed of the whirlpools.
Drawing on a map of the depths and currents of the seas and oceans.
The higher the flow velocity, the greater the oxygen content and the lower the hydrogen sulfide content.

List of seas with low oxygen content:
Black Sea. East of the Mediterranean Sea. Gulf of Mexico.
Fjords of Norway.
01-12-2018 21:26
The mixed waves enrich the water with oxygen only to a depth of several tens of meters of the surface of the seas and oceans, while the whirlpools deliver the water enriched with oxygen to a depth of more than 10 km. (Mariana Trench).
As we see, whirlpools are involved not only in the horizontal circulation of the waters of the seas and oceans, but also in the vertical.
22-12-2018 15:50
The oxygen content can be determined by the following formula
O = V / G
V is the rotational speed of the whirlpool.
G - depth of the reservoir.
25-04-2019 05:47
The cause of ocean dead zones has been known since at least the 1920's. Its the over use of fertilizer from farms up river of the ocean dead spots and the release of sewage in to the ocean. The nutrient cause an algae bloom and then when they die bacteria feed off them removing o2 from the water.

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