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Reasons Why Promoting Using NCOV COVID Vaccine Is Going Against The Unseen Divine Law This Timeline

Reasons Why Promoting Using NCOV COVID Vaccine Is Going Against The Unseen Divine Law This Timeline25-07-2021 16:03
Reasons Why Promoting Using NCOV COVID Vaccine Is Going Against The Unseen Divine Law This Timeline
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I did said and warning using COVID vaccine is against the eternal unseen divine law & order, and it only took less than 2 weeks to see many historic record floods worldwide from Germany, Belgium to China, India, etc. Many even called as few hundreds to a thousand year event !

Many of you may wonder what exactly the unseen divine law and order and why I can foresee the future like that, so in this topic I will give you some knowledge and wisdom.

The unseen divine law & order is the source of life, the source of all creation. It is always "punish" all kind of beings who are refuse to "evolve" in order to understand that powerful mystery "void".
The punishment here come in various method from weather, catastrophe climate to even direct actions from angels/gods of destruction.

I don't care how the COVID started or what beings/entities are control it.
But any national government who are promoting and using corona virus NCOV COVID vaccine is like commit suicide.

First, the new corona virus NCOV COVID is not dangerous and has no clear symptom (prove is most children is completely safe from that virus).

Secondly, vaccine in general only "good" and should be used for real dangerous disease like varicella, measles or any kind of fungus. Real dangerous virus/disease is the one who "strike" all kind of human no matter their age/gender.

Third, everybody can "heal/cure" the COVID by themselves if they are using their brain to think, to analyze, to test.

Fourth, the current civilization is "peak" and most people have access to the internet to find any kind of information/knowledge they want to.

Fifth, humans are born to be like "God" so human must stop live like animals who only know to "copy, repeat, follow". Instead they must use their brain their mind to study, to think, to create, to judge, to analyze, to survive by themselves alone.

So at this particular timeline moment of 2020s, any groups/beings/governments who are still telling people to blind follow/trust/listen is like preventing human to evolve in order to fulfill their hidden duty which is know the eternal divine source of life.

The time for "copy" and heavily "rely" on each others is over. This timeline is for creative and using their hidden Divine God power.

So if you want to save your nation from natural catastrophe, you must stop promoting & using COVID vaccine now and let people self study to survive.

Stop lying and deceiving the people, this is my last warning from me the real savior Messiah Buddha.
After this warning, if any national government do not listen then all those top people better prepare to vanish on Earth surface !

Most people on Earth is not evolving, they are decrease and devolving !

If you do not believe me, then you guys will only continue receive many other super catastrophe weather, directly cause by angels team and gods of destruction.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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