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19-03-2021 20:14
IBdaMann wrote:
James___ wrote: This might have been the asteroid.

Nope. That's a dead beluga whale baby that got confused and separated from its mother because of Climate Change.

James___ wrote: As for the rest of you guys, you're just pathetic.

As long as I'm included then we're good.


Just trying some "tough love" to motivate Americans to learn more math and science. But then they always say, "That's what immigrants are for".

p.s., just found out that my cat has leukemia so he'll probably need to take a nap.

Edited on 19-03-2021 20:18
23-03-2021 21:56
Jacob114 wrote:
How did you manage to tie the Mars rover landing to the LHC? I thought here we'll discuss the details of rover landing and something like that. This landing is such an important event for NASA and the whole world, so I don't even know how to describe it. Recently rover made its first drive, NASA published the first sounds of their equipment on Mars. Have someone heard about it?

You are 100% percent right about the importance of this launch. I would say this could represent an absolute turning point for the NASA.
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