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Hyperloop: Clean transportation?

Hyperloop: Clean transportation?26-12-2017 22:59
A new Hyperloop speed record has just been set at 240 mph: There is still a long way to go, but maybe in a few years we will see this transportation system as a realistic alternative to planes.

Is there any research on the expected CO2 emissions from Hyperloop transport? If each person needs his own capsule, then I guess it could be rather energy consuming?
26-12-2017 23:23
still learning
Madison wrote:

.....Is there any research on the expected CO2 emissions from Hyperloop transport? consuming?

Presumably everything is electrically powered, all the pumps and magnets and whatnot so there'd be no direct CO2 emissions and the effective emissions would depend on the source of electricity.

Or maybe there could be some sort of steam powered setup, then coal could be used maybe.

I'm really skeptical about the whole idea though. Not about whether or not it can be made to work at all, but about whether or not it'll be economically practical.
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