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Emission free natural gas

Emission free natural gas23-03-2021 17:50
This is quite smart and is available today.

This co and Toshiba has developed a natural gas power plant where they collect all unwanted particles from the gas. The CO2 will be recycled first inside the generator and then it is collected to be pumped into oilfields to increase pressure in oil wells.

Because CO2 is a super dense (if you can say that about a gas) gas it has a huge pressure compared to other gasses, so by use high load of CO2 in generator it works better than if you just burn natural gas. AND when you add it to oil wells and get more oil then the CO2 has a value.

This co offer a deal to countries. You pay for the powerplant and to run it. You arrange deals locally to sell expensive gas nano particles to chemical industry and local oil fields to buy the CO2 from Netpower, then they will build the powerplant and pay for the natural gas used in powerplant.
25-03-2021 09:06
I do not know everything however I am a big fan of gas turbines powering a generator to make electricity.I have seen a pair working at Wagerup aluminium refinery and its impressive and that was 1980.Now there is a closed system gas turbine that uses the exhaust heat to make steam to power a secondary generator.Problem solved.Wind and solar do not work,Its a dream.Burning coal to make steam is so out of date its a joke.Coal fired is still popular because you can get 50 plus years out of the plant where gas power is around 20 years.I have a question.When gas and coal are compared and gas has half the emissions is it for the same amount of material.Logic tells me that you would use a lot less gas to power a turbine than coal to make steam.People in the future will not be so petrified of nuclear so its all good.I like CO2 it makes my garden grow
25-03-2021 16:48
Im not the expert you look for, but I would be surpriced if a compare of gas and coal is measured in other way than measure the emissions for both when in it take to produce a certain output like 1kw.
You write that it take less gas to run turbine than coal to make steam. It is not that easy to say. I guess when you burn gas, it creates a pressure to the turbine, im not sure about the component in the gas but you have like 5% CO2 that i said is very dense, so if you add more CO2 your turbine become more efficient. When you burn coal you heat up water, and the steam make a pressure to a turbine. I would guess that you lose a bit of energy this way, but i cant tell, if one or other is best. And how do you measure best? Is it the cost? Cost in which country? Is it just a question of emissions? Do we use new or old technology. If a country like China have a lot of coal for free and little gas, then i guess they will build a coal power plant before they build a gas power plant.
BTW this invention i show you, might be CO2 free on the power plant, but they will sell CO2 to oilfields to extract more oil from current wells. So somehow they do not believe that we quit using oil world wide anytime soon.

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