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"Active" hydraulic draft accelerators fuel less generators

"Active" hydraulic draft accelerators fuel less generators11-05-2018 03:26
Eric Crews
Solves for climate
11-05-2018 09:19
Tim the plumber
Given that I am currently building a wind turbine which, I hope, will generate power cheaper than burning coal, can you tell me more about how your company works.

Be aware that I consider your posts so far to be in line with the experience I have had so far with the support inventor industry. That is to say the most con artist infested sector I have ever found.

You may be different but you don't know any science so it looks bad so far.

Please outline your normal contract type.

Edited on 11-05-2018 09:19
11-05-2018 17:25
Eric Crews
the math is observable....

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