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Maybe its something else?

Maybe its something else?30-11-2012 21:49
Hey, my name is Richard and I`m new to I have an argument that might cop a lot of flak in the climate change community but I think it should be debated and properly considered. I have a theory that the climate is changing because of weather modification. I believe that governments are using and testing the technology of weather modification and the general public have no idea its going on. The United States used weather modification in the Vietnam War to limit the movement of enemy troops (You can look that up on "Weather Warfare" on Wikipedia if your interested and there is a link on my website also). I wonder at what stage of advancement in this technology the world is at now. Its been over forty years since the Vietnam War and the calculator on my desk is faster than the computers that existed back then. I have an article that I would like to invite you all to read on what made me interested in Weather Modification and Weather Warfare. The article is regarding Hurricane Sandy and it is a theory that Hurricane Sandy was manufactured. My theory is based on several major coincidences about the storm itself. Please read before replying to this post. My website is:

Weather Warfare
Richard Dunn
Edited on 30-11-2012 22:10
15-05-2014 05:33
Based on the title "It may be something else", I would like to see a graph of "green house gasses" (GHG) and sunspot activity plotted against global temperature and an alternative to "weather modification".
The reason is:
1. increase of GHG results in increase of global warming.
2. reduced sunspot activity results in lower temperatures leading to a (mini) ice age: the Milankovic Cycles.
If GHG is holding back an ice age, it will get real hot here when the sunspot activity picks up again. Currently it may help explain the sharp contrasting weather we are having.
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