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Envirnmentalist Idiocy

Envirnmentalist Idiocy12-06-2017 19:28
Whales have been multiplying like crazy along the Pacific coast. With the large increase in whales, mothers have been swimming into San Francisco Bay to allow their calves to rest a little before continuing their migration to Arctic feeding grounds.

What do we hear from them? That this can cause skin diseases and kill whales.

These wackos will say, "stop using paper, you are killing trees". The largest producers of growing trees are paper companies. Each year these companies plant more trees than they use. The same with the lumber industry.

At the same time the environmentalists have been planting foreign species such as Eucalyptus in California which destroy the entire ecology of forests. American forests are shaded and an entirely different kind of undergrowth thrive there than these rapidly growing Eucalyptus forests which are wide open growing little more undergrowth than poison oak.

Our environmentalists have the idea that human beings are bad for our planet. I have sat in talks given by major players such as Dr. Paul Erlich who's suggestions was little more than mass murder of the human population. Of course he believes himself to be too valuable to be included in those murders.

Are you aware that the First Amendment to the Constitution states unequivocally that the Federal Government cannot take ANY state land from states except for small amounts for military bases and this was later increased to allow Federal Parks. But the Federal Bureau of Land Management in direct violation of the Constitution is the largest holder of land in this country?

At some point the swamp must be drained and that is the entire point behind the liberals attacks on Donald Trump. He is trying to make people obey the laws of this country and they and the media area against him 100%.

Man-made Climate Change is nothing but more of the same.
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