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CO2Transformers21-09-2020 07:33
We are CO2message,

An urgent call to all CO2Transformers around the world!

Climate Change is REAL! We need your help to raise awareness and bring hope to the most urgent threat facing our planet.

Join us in our mission!

Step 1: Create a tree frame using natural materials (e.g. twigs, leaves, flowers, stones, pebbles, sand, etc.) within 5 minutes

Step 2: Take a picture of your artwork and send it to @co2message Instagram account via Direct Message (DM).

Step 3: Nominate a friend(s)/ family member(s)/ colleague(s)/ neighbour(s) or anyone you would like to become a CO2Transformer by completing the message below.

I am _________________________ (your name) from _________________________ (city/country),

I pass this message to ___________ (nominee) or any surviving CO2Transformers taking refuge among the stars.

We are here, we are waiting.

P.S. Try to find things already loose on the ground. Do not harm any living things.
21-09-2020 10:08
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Sort of ironic... Plants are CO2 transformers, so basically the message starts off as an insult. Guessing people would need to the intellect of a plant, to give out spammable personal information for themselves, and a friend or neighbor.
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