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Betting on Global Warming

Betting on Global Warming22-05-2011 05:47
DesertphileProfile picture☆☆☆☆☆
Hysterical conspiracy alarmist nutters by the tens of thousands have insisted that all of the experts on the subject of climate and global warming are wrong; now is the time for them to put their money where their public assertions are--- one may register a wager for or against the scientific consensus, and maybe someone will accept the wager.

I have been listing the wagers on the subject that I can find via Google, but surely there must be many more out there I am not aware of yet. Or perhaps there are others out there who would like to wager on the subject but have not found anyone to bet against.

Note that my web page is only a list of such wagers: I have NOTHING AT ALL to do with the wagers, nor am I deriving any remuneration for listing such wagers.
01-12-2012 08:17
seriously now the time has come when we seriously think about global warming and other natural activities.Its gonna be a big future problem.
09-12-2012 13:35
Tim the plumber
I've put your link on to another forum. Hope you wanted this sort of spread.

The bets all seem remarkably no-brain safe. I'm a sceptic, but there doesn't seem to be the "that by 2018 there will be a 0.8c temperature rise over 1998" to bet against.
09-05-2018 17:17
Reprehensible professional liars advocating gloom and doom, while increasing the misery of the world's poorest continue to claim the end is near and everyone, except they themselves, must repent and stop burning all of that nasty fossil fuel.
Then the climate change sharia priests get back into their limousines and private jets and continue to live very high.

The graph shown on his warm wagers website has increments of 1/10th of a degree. It truncates at 13.6 Celsius, much the same way the Keeling Curve truncates far above a zero base, in order to exaggerate tiny incremental changes.

When I adjusted both the Keeling Curve and the Warmist's graph, they are extremely flat.

More to the point, it is a very far stretch for anyone to infer that because the global mean temperature increases, humans were responsible for it.

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