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Raise petition against climate change issues

Raise petition against climate change issues27-02-2018 17:30
iSignFund is a unique CrowdFunding platform for all your needs. You can raise a petition and better yet fund it to support the expenses. Invite Organizations to show their support for social and reporting tools. Create Personal, Animal support, Medical bills, Business crowdfunding with and without rewards

you can raise petitions for any environmental issues here
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28-02-2018 10:48
Tim the plumber
Scamming the scammers, well done.
Edited on 28-02-2018 10:48
02-04-2018 19:17
Tim the plumber wrote:
Scamming the scammers, well done.

What was really funny about this crowd funding was that they were crowd funding Stormy Daniels. Since she signed a non-disclosure agreement and didn't have the money to repay it after breaking that agreement these people who hate Trump so much were actually giving their money directly to Trump. What a laugh.

Join the debate Raise petition against climate change issues:

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