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Start a petition to encourage climate change information

Start a petition to encourage climate change information24-02-2017 23:33
I would like to say hello, this is my first thread here.

I am calling on all who believe in climate change to start a petition on It is relatively easy to do and can make a large impact. I hear a lot of back and forth about what will happen next and the current administration's stance on silencing science is highly concerning.
My goal with this thread is to get as many people as I can to find a government article published since president Trump took office, speaking out about climate change and or climate science and to start a petition directed at the leader of that agency. With the goal being that we thank that leader for his agency's work and encourage them to continue to speak up about climate change.
My thought is that any person in government who dares to speak out deserves to be applauded and encouraged to carry on.
24-02-2017 23:37

This is my petition. Please sign and share yours here for others to sign. Thank you!
24-02-2017 23:43

This one is the right one

Join the debate Start a petition to encourage climate change information:

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