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What will be human's dominant source of energy in 100 years?

Fossil fuels

83% [556 Votes]

Water/solar/wind power

7% [50 Votes]

Nuclear power

3% [23 Votes]

Fusion power

1% [9 Votes]


1% [5 Votes]

Something else

1% [10 Votes]

Don't know

2% [14 Votes]

Votes: 667
Started: 05-12-2012
Ended: 14-04-2014

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Abraham3 on 29. November 2014, 04:37
Even if they have not been abandoned for global warming, petroleum will be well past peak and becoming rare within a century. I think the obvious source of domestic and industrial electrical power will be nuclear fusion or fission. For transportation I would expect the fuel cell to be the dominant power source.
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