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What do you think about the traditional media's coverage of climate debate?

Good and well-balanced

5% [1 Vote]

Could be better, but it's OK

5% [1 Vote]

Too much focus on disagreements and skeptical views

24% [5 Votes]

Too much focus on alarmism and Doomsday scenarios

57% [12 Votes]

Other answer/don't know

10% [2 Votes]

Votes: 21
Started: 16-11-2009
Ended: 19-12-2010

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litesong on 27. August 2017, 14:08
Ah..... an old poll showing the excessive base of this poop site is old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting AGW denier liar whiners.
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