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Spread the word16-11-2009 16:53
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Let's make this site well-known throughout the web

If you have any ideas about where to write about, let me know! Any blogs, organisations etc. that should be contacted?
As you may know, I started (a danish climate debate just like this one) three years ago. It now has more than 15.000 posts and lots of users. So the same thing should definately be possible in english... But still I would like to get some tips...

PS. Sorry for any bad spelling/grammar that may occur. English is not my native language, so please tell me if you find any errors on the page.
RE: Welcome to the new members15-02-2011 20:30
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I'm glad to see that new members have started to use the site in the last day or two. Welcome to the forum - and please ask, if you have any questions! But please address each other in a civilized way - don't scare new users from joining the debate... I don't have much time now, but I can see that the language is on the tough side. I will have to delete posts if necessary.

Hopefully the activity could attract more members and thereby even more posts to discuss.
I have moved some of the threads to categories I find more adequate, but it's not always easy to find the right place.

Hayduke, if you want to quote something, please use both the opening and closing tag around the text to quote.
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