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Incredible News! Climate Change Really *was* Just a Hoax *all along*!

Incredible News! Climate Change Really *was* Just a Hoax *all along*!21-08-2012 02:06

Cut and paste the link...great article!

13-02-2013 08:21
We need to control global-warming by using no polluted source like solar energy.
18-02-2013 06:37
Adword wrote:
We need to control global-warming by using no polluted source like solar energy.

I am also agree with Adword.

26-02-2013 07:15
We should be attentive to preserve our earth. See for more
05-03-2013 08:57
Nice post.

we should use non-polluted sources like solar energy this will reduce global-warming.
09-10-2013 13:42
Tim the plumber
blissdragon wrote:

The article is about the breaking of records in weather and links this to global warming.

There has and always will be a constant incidence of weather records being broken.

As we get more detailed about recording climate we will get more records broken.

Against this we have to consider how far back our records go. Not very usually.

Our present climate is with the bounds of what you you expect it to be. Very boring really.
27-11-2014 01:10
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
Atmospheric CO2 levels have not been at their current level since before the appearance of homo sapiens as a species. They have not increased at their current rate since the dinosaurs were eliminated by the collisions of a 7-mile wide asteroid at Chicxulub, 65 million years ago. You think that's just a typical weather records falling?
Edited on 27-11-2014 01:12
27-11-2014 19:07
Tim the plumber
No. CO2 levels are changing due to us burning fossil fuel. The climate is however not changing much at all as a result.
30-11-2014 18:24
Abraham3Profile picture★★☆☆☆
Please compare the last 15 years to the last 134. Can you really claim that tick is significant?

There was a much larger 'tick' from 1941 to 1979. That didn't mark the end of warming? Why should the current hiatus? Why do you think it so special?
Edited on 30-11-2014 18:26
07-01-2015 20:46
14-03-2017 19:47
spicez wrote:

During this time:
The solar TSI has been languid for many decades & low for 10 years (including a 3+year low setting a 100 year record). Yet, 385+ straight months of temperatures have past, all over the 20th century average. The last 3 years have been successively the hottest years ever recorded. Presently, Arctic sea ice extent has been below 14 million square kilometers, ~ 1.8 million square kilometers LESS than the 1980's. Presently, Arctic sea ice VOLUME is 9,600 cubic kilometers LESS than that of the 1980's. This is an equivalent cube of ice, 21.2 kilometers by 21.2 kilometers by 68,000 feet high, the energy needed to melt it being 30 times the energy consumption of the U.S. All this, while the sun's HEAT.... is low.

When TSI returns to normal, Earth temperatures & conditions will really change.... & the beginning has already started. Thanks spicez, for the starting flag!!
Edited on 14-03-2017 19:50

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