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Earth anthem

Earth anthem29-10-2018 12:51
Dear members,

My name is Ferdinand van Meurs, a concerned citizen of earth who wrote a nonprofit song about life on our planet. Since the song is about contributing/ doing your part I figured it would be appropriate to ask singers from all over the globe to participate. We're all very proud of the result, but would be far more proud if it actually manages to inspire people. However, because we are 'normal' people it's up to us to get it out there.

I would appreciate it a lot if you could take a listen and share it if you think it could be succesful in creating more awareness. There are still far too few of us!

You could find it here:

Thank you for your time!
30-10-2018 19:15
Tim the plumber
2 Reasons you don't want my voice;

1, I would sing of the mass murder of using food as fuel, biofuel, which is resulting in 20 million or so deaths per year more than would be happening if this was not done. Artifically raising the price of food for the benefit of rich Western land owners is evil beyond WWII.

2, I can't hold a tune. Tone deaf.

Edited on 30-10-2018 19:15
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