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"Cost effective" MUST be the message

"Cost effective" MUST be the message04-01-2014 22:53
Stating that climate change must be confronted at ANY COST is not going to win the war. So far I have only seen one post by one person on this forum who seems to get that. And it also doesn't help that word is out Al Gore owns the intellectual property (process) for creating a carbon trading system and stands to make billions if cap and trade is ever implemented.

The day we start talking about real solutions with proven cost/ benefit analysis included, based on real scientific/economic data is the day we start winning the hearts and minds of the masses.

Oh, and it cannot be channeled through Washington DC either, since anyone who thinks sending them our money is going to accomplish ANYTHING is delusional
04-01-2014 22:55
Please read post by Brettbyers, the guy who gets it!
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