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Any squonkers in the house?

Any squonkers in the house?09-06-2018 13:17
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
Ah you gotta laugh, I did many times reading this.
Almost makes me want to get a tattoo and learn how to make giraffes out of long balloons.
Marketing at it's finest.

"Charlie Rabone is explaining the conditions required for the Os, or vapour rings, he blows. "You have to think about the wind, the climate – all sorts," says the 20-year-old from Stockport."
Squonkers, drippers and cloud chasers: ​the rise of vape culture

"World renowned tobacco control expert Simon Chapman, an emeritus professor at the University of Sydney, said Philip Morris and other interest groups were "astroturfing" - trying to create the illusion of a big grass-roots pro-vaping movement that does not really exist."
Exposed: big tobacco's behind-the-scenes 'astroturf' campaign to change vaping laws

Well staple my balls to a dwarf, you don't say!

"Bring us your sick and tired, your educated ..."
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