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Will Arctic summers be ice-free in this century?


48% [216 Votes]


37% [166 Votes]

Don't know

16% [72 Votes]

Votes: 454
Started: 14-04-2014
Ended: 07-02-2018

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cbrjrtxus on 14. October 2015, 01:01
Based on a linear regression of summer minimums in the Arctic sea ice data at:

the summer sea ice minimum extent will reach zero for a week or so around 2050. It seems unlikely that the current Arctic warm phase will persist long enough for that to happen. It is even less likely that the Arctic could be ice free for the Arctic summer i.e. June, July, and August.
Tim the plumber on 21. October 2015, 16:28
So what if they are?
jwoodward48 on 20. September 2016, 07:39
A dramatic change in the Earth's climate would be disastrous.
litesong on 2. December 2016, 07:12
The sun has been at low solar TSI for 10 years(including a 3+ year period setting a 100 year record low). But Earth temperatures have not retreated to early 20th century levels. For 385+ straight months, Earth temperatures have been over the 20th century average. Even with the sun at a low solar TSI, Arctic sea ice will disappear ('cept fer a bit? of thickness that likes to adhere to northern Canadian Archipelago & northern Greenland?). If solar TSI returns to normal(higher?), the Arctic sea ice may disappear sooner.
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