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What do you think about the traditional media's coverage of climate debate?

Good and well-balanced

5% [1 Vote]

Could be better, but it's OK

5% [1 Vote]

Too much focus on disagreements and skeptical views

24% [5 Votes]

Too much focus on alarmism and Doomsday scenarios

57% [12 Votes]

Other answer/don't know

10% [2 Votes]

Votes: 21
Started: 16-11-2009
Ended: 19-12-2010

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litesong on 27. August 2017, 16:08
Ah..... an old poll showing the excessive base of this poop site is old sick silly sleepy sleezy slimy steenkin' filthy vile reprobate rooting AGW denier liar whiners.
paramount99 on 17. April 2019, 13:16
Well this poll says it all, really. 57% agreeing that there is: Too much focus on alarmism and Doomsday scenarios... But what baffles me a lot of the time is that it is the loopy leftie liberal-minded (let's free the terrorists lawyers) often academic types that advocate to this democratic bashing way of thinking?!? Must admit, I spent around 30-years playing UK tennis where lots of those types haunted and even though they had degrees coming out of their toe-nails they were, sorry to say, thick as two short planks when it came down to the hum-drum of everyday life. Mostly teachers, whose seem to hate existence due to the career path, and just wanted to try making everyone else' life as miserable and depressing as theirs.
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