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Last 10 posts:
16-05-2022: RE: doxed worse than I thought (Climate debate in general)
16-05-2022: RE: The dominant troll is committing a crime on your website. (Climate debate in general)
16-05-2022: RE: Exposing the conspiracy - A truly ABSURD definition of biogeochemistry (Climate debate in general)
10-05-2022: RE: Google "Cyclical Continuum of Elemental Properties" (Climate debate in general)
09-05-2022: RE: See sealover on TV! Stars in two documentaries. (Climate debate in general)
09-05-2022: RE: Petroleum coke still used for batteries, but not to fuel steam engines. (Climate debate in general)
09-05-2022: RE: May 9 - Two month anniversary for first impression. (Climate debate in general)
09-05-2022: RE: Clarification: Pig iron versus carbon steel (Climate debate in general)
09-05-2022: RE: And graphite is often the main ingredient. (Climate debate in general)
09-05-2022: RE: "You only get one chance to make a first impression" - old saying (Climate debate in general)
Last 10 threads (started by sealover):
27-04-2022: Evolutionary Biology and the Endosymbiotic Theory of Consciousness. (Climate debate in general)
25-04-2022: "Unprecedented" Wildfires TODAY. Thanks to Global Warming. (Climate debate in general)
17-04-2022: "Trump won in a landslide" - A Falsifiable Hypothesis (Climate debate in general)
16-04-2022: "Global Dimming" - A Brand New "Buzzword"? (Climate debate in general)
23-03-2022: THREAD VERSUS THREAD! A REAL climate debate. (Climate debate in general)
22-03-2022: Safe Friends of "sealover" - Troll-free Library Networking. Join the List. (Climate debate in general)
20-03-2022: Global Change Science Think Tank (Climate debate in general)
19-03-2022: Tell your old college professors to check out for biogeochemistry (Climate debate in general)
19-03-2022: Understanding the Mind of the Enemy (Climate debate in general)
19-03-2022: Go Fund Me pitch for troll-infested website vermin eradication program manual (Climate debate in general)
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