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Extra text:a.k.a. "sealover"
Date joined:15. April 2022, 08:49
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Last 10 posts:
03-10-2022: RE: "dissolved organic nitrogen" real world science I can be proud of (Climate debate in general)
29-09-2022: RE: IdaBM is just a symptom of the problem (Debate about
29-09-2022: RE: and "his second rate sidekick" - 7 years of trolling (Debate about
27-09-2022: RE: definition of delusional - "one of the Internet's best discussion sites" (Climate debate in general)
26-09-2022: RE: is another "dead" rabbit hole (Climate debate in general)
15-09-2022: RE: What makes a "fraudulent" website? (Climate debate in general)
14-09-2022: RE: Advertisers beware! Van Gogh art exhibit in Sacramento (Climate debate in general)
13-09-2022: RE: is unfortunate result for Internet searches (Climate debate in general)
07-09-2022: RE: Wildfires burn on hottest day ever recorded. (Climate debate in general)
06-09-2022: RE: Polyterpenes are HYDROCARBONS made by trees (Climate debate in general)
Last 10 threads (started by Im a BM):
11-05-2022: La ciencia del medio ambiente - Informacion, preguntas, y respuestas en espanol. (Climate debate in general)
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