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Extra text:a.k.a. "sealover"
Date joined:15. April 2022, 08:49
Last Visit:19. February 2024, 04:58
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Last 10 posts:
18-02-2024: RE: Ocean alkalinity = political scam? (Climate debate in general)
11-02-2024: RE: IBdaMann's lack of intellectual honesty (Climate debate in general)
08-02-2024: RE: "The alternative is trying to figure out tannins." (Climate debate in general)
05-01-2024: RE: "..humiliate you in real time like I did." (Climate debate in general)
05-01-2024: RE: " of the Internet's best discussion sites." (Climate debate in general)
05-01-2024: RE: FDR quote for addressing Great Depression (Climate debate in general)
03-01-2024: RE: ozone proves heavy gases go highest? (Climate debate in general)
06-12-2023: RE: what would you without each other? (Climate debate in general)
05-12-2023: RE: pH 8.2, 2300 microequivalents per liter (Climate debate in general)
03-12-2023: RE: Didn't you help to kill it? (Climate debate in general)
Last 10 threads (started by Im a BM):
06-11-2023: Troll Songs and Quote identification contest (Climate debate in general)
14-07-2023: Welcome to new member tom123 (Climate debate in general)
06-07-2023: July 4, 2023 - Hottest day ever recorded (Climate debate in general)
11-05-2023: - Where have all the members gone? (Climate debate in general)
11-05-2022: La ciencia del medio ambiente - Informacion, preguntas, y respuestas en espanol. (Climate debate in general)
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