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You Need The Savior Messiah But The Messiah Do Not Need You !

You Need The Savior Messiah But The Messiah Do Not Need You !13-12-2020 06:01
You Need The Savior Messiah But The Messiah Do Not Need You !

You better use and connect all the evidence and data throughout the history in order to understand me the savior Messiah Buddha.
Life is not like a pyramid, you cannot use that logic thinking.

Every human beings are equal and like a tree.

Did Gautama Buddha need to "gather energy" or any help from "the rest" in order to archive Nirvana state?
The answer is no !

Same rule apply to me.

You guys are gambling and wasting your time on the game where you guys are the deciders, not anybody else.

Do not listen to any "guru, spiritual teacher" who can tell only "your past".

It is like analyzes the lottery jackpot or after any sport match finished.

If you trust me as the savior Messiah, do you guys lost anything?
Case 1: I am the fake Messiah
Next to nothing, maybe some time and some stupid digital number coin.

Case 2: I am the real Messiah
You guys lost almost everything !

As I have already said, all I need to do for you guys to verify my identity is just "in charge" of a decent nation, and continue play the rule you guys are playing.
Example: the USA, there cannot be worse one than the current state, the people are dying, the life is destroying, people get more and more stupid over the time because of no jobs, no works, no tough life. They are living on illusion of 1st world countries just like the Western Europe.

You can only defeat the Gold holders by intelligence.
And it not just some random decisions but ultimately is who in charge able to take responsibility with the "top above".

You live to save yourself, you do not live to wait/help others.
The rest are similar to straw dogs !

The only beings who are interested in so called "world economy, troubles, problems" are the stupid one, the smart one know they need to unlock their Nirvana state but not to waste time for useless stuff because even super volcano erupt, life still continue even many millions if not billions people can die, new generation will be born again.

I repeat you guys need me, I do not need you guys !
If you guys do not open your eyes and trust me or at least give an opportunity to verify my identification, then you guys lost everything.

Remember history about Gautama Buddha, If he really want to have a lot of followers he would use his super abilities, he did not need to waste time and "teach" others through words and messages.

All philosophies, words are meaning, only real life experience and result are real !

Best Regard,
The Savior

13-12-2020 15:54
gfm7175Profile picture★★★★★
Hubble Hubble gabba bam bam. Chucky ducky slick nick tibbs chutes ladders.
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