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You Must Understand The Root Problems Of World Wide Society Chaos

You Must Understand The Root Problems Of World Wide Society Chaos10-07-2021 18:24
You Must Understand The Root Problems Of World Wide Society Chaos

If you want to have any permanent working solution for the whole society, you must understand what is the root problems. Without fully knowing that, you only wasting time and energy.

Now let's have a look a the world wide chaos and problems in all nations.
– Where do the corruption come from?
Because of bad people ?! No, because of the Babylon system where people "rely" on others.
No matter who in charge the system, there is always corruption. The beings do not corrupt never want to work and in charge of any system, that is the way of life.
So the problem for corruption is the system, the people is a very small factor.

– Why there is big gap between the rich and the poor?
Because of the Babylon system and the moral of the "owners" are too low. No matter what you say about capitalism, it still always the Babylon system where people "rely" on other people.

– Where the trade war between nations come from?
Because the financial system structure is wrong, not correct. The biggest asset is the people not Gold, Silver, Oil or any other natural resources.

– Where, Why the Climate Change happening?
Because people are too stupid, they were trapped in stupid system where only "tell, teach" people about money but nothing else. So the natural catastrophe come to wake up everybody. So it is because of the society system.

Overall, all the world wide chaos in this society is because of the rule law society system are not correct and out of dated !
They are still using the same road way from over 70 years ago for today.
The level of knowledge, wisdom and population today vs 70 years ago is not the same.
If you do not upgrade the road way (here is the law rule of whole society), then it is going to 100% collapse for sure. The signs is already given, you can see it everywhere !

The only working option and solution now is listen to me and using my new additional financial system where focus on individual capitalism/assets and personal education rather than "group, socialism".

But again, I do not get paid or get contact by any influenced groups/government, so I do not waste time to think and design a perfect system for this society this timeline.

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

10-07-2021 19:51
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
The root problem, is that humans are basically lazy. They look for the easiest, simplest, way to satisfy all their wants and needs, without expending a lot of energy. Lazy humans are never satisfied with just enough to survive. More than enough, so they never actually have to worry about running out, and possibly actually having to perform work. Many seek to attain a Nirvana state, where idiot human do all the work for them, and free give SafeMoon coins, in fear of some super disaster, unleashed buy the super, god like beings.

I don't know why the god-like beings hate Florida so much. First they squash a condo complex in Miami, for no reason at all. And before the could complete rescue efforts, the god-beings send us a super-hurricane Elsa. Flooding, downed trees, power outages, rape, murder, looting... I don't know how I managed to survive the apocalypse. Truly seemed like the end of times.

The real root of societies problems, are god-beings, extorting SafeMoon Coins, from idiot humans, who actually work, to earn a living...
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