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Why different 'global temp' measurements?

Why different 'global temp' measurements?23-12-2010 23:00
Here's an article, which I think helps explain some reasons behind the sometimes confusing differences in global temperature measurements: Different Groups' Methods Yield the Same Finding: Warming Surface Temperatures

Earlier this month,GISS announced that November was the warmest such month in its record books...NCDC, part of NOAA, has published the results of its own calculations, showing that November was the second warmest, not the first.

Such conflicts in global temperature rankings aren't terribly unusual. In fact, NASA-GISS and NOAA-NCDC rank 2005 as the warmest year on record. But a third group...known as "HadCRUT," gives the title to 1998.

Each of the three groups calculates temperatures at the surface of the land and sea. But two other groups, UAH and RSS use microwave sensors on satellites to estimate the temperature of the lowest part of the atmosphere.

And guess what? Their findings differ a bit from each other, and from those of the other groups as well.

What's going on?
24-12-2010 02:01
Indeed !

If we cannot even collect and collate something as simple as the temperature properly how are we ever to know whats really happening ?

Due to the intervention and manipulation of politics and money over the last two decades its a problem thats a good deal worse than you might perhaps be aware of. Please check out this link to see what I mean.
25-12-2010 18:36
These different agencies are measuring somewhat different features of the sea, land and atmosphere. For instance, satellites measure the lower troposphere while surface measurements are taken within a few feet of the surface. Geographic coverage differs amongst the various data sets as does the methodology for filling in the gaps for where little direct measurement is available.

As in the measurement of any quantity, absolute precision is elusive, but these differing methodologies do for the most part all converge within their collective margins of error to reveal a consistent trend in the general rate of warming over the past several decades and beyond.
19-08-2014 05:28
just sayin
well the ipcc and nasa manipulated data...they have just admitted that but somehow it hasn't hit the New York Times yet

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