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Why can't they decide

Why can't they decide13-04-2014 21:38
My first post thanks for any responses,

My question is in the veracity of man made climate change not climate change itself. I personally am a skeptic but not a complete naysayer. My question is simple and is derived not from scientific study but observation of scientists.

When I was young and in grade school in the 70's we were taught that the fate of the world was a new ice age. This fate was man made through the production of green house gases. Ten or so years later when I went to college many of the same scientists and institutions now told me that my fate was a world of increasing temperature, global warming, reaching a point where mankind would be stressed to survive. Then twenty years or so later as the data seemed to not fully follow the hyper heat theory we were given the amalgamated view of climate change.

My skepticism is simple. In my short lifetime many of the same scientists and institutions have given us three distinct conclusions to the same data. Three different catastrophic outcomes from the same green house gasses. If conclusions derived from many of the same scientists and institutions, all pier reviewed and published, can vary this much in a mere 40 years or so, how can we have confidence. Much of the data used is not based on direct observation or temperature readings but based on extrapolation of information to conclude temperature changes over millions of years. If the scientific community unified every time can change so drastically in 40 years how can we be confident in their conclusions of millions of years of climate change.
05-05-2014 11:45
The coming ice age was not based around GHG is was on milankovith cycles and solar activity.
The problem is science is expensive, the backroom laboratory no longer applies, science needs funding, and scientist basically supply what the funder requires, cynical yes, sad even more so.
09-05-2014 20:28
Back in the 1970 there was discussion of a cooling Earth, not from greenhouse gases but from aerosol pollution. Also the long term natural trend will be toward the return of an ice age climate, but not fully realized for several 10s of thousands of years in the future.

There has been no change in terms. Global warming is just what it says, the averaged global temperature is increasing as the Earth absorbs more energy than it is emitting back to space. Climate change is the response to that increase in energy and temperature in parameters such as sea level, amount of ice, prevailing wind direction and speed, humidity, cloud amount, precipitation type and addition temperature change.

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