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What is driving global warming?

What is driving global warming?16-09-2016 01:56
Here is how the various forcing factors stack up ...
17-09-2016 17:52
IBdaMannProfile picture★★★★★
DRKTS wrote:Here is how the various forcing factors stack up ...

More SNAKE OIL! Awesome!

Nope, there is no need to provide "natural" explations for any 1.4 degree temperature increase that has never been determined to have occurred.

Nope. The initial "Observed" graph...wasn't.

Actually, yes, it is the sun AND the orbit combined that determine the temperature. We have Stefan-Boltzmann to tell us all about it.

The "volcanoes" chart shows that you are not above pulling the goalpost switcheroo from the "planet's" temperature to the "surface" temperature (at a specific point) and back again.

Deforestation? How does that fit in? I never saw any "deforestation" variable in Planck's law.

Ozone pollution? What's that exactly and how does that fit into Stefan-Boltzmann?

Conclusion: Energy can change form, and when "greenhouse gases" change energy's form, it creates more of it, and when "greenhouse gases" send radiation towards the earth, it makes more of it. It is this addional energy created by the magickal "greenhouse gases" that causes an increase in temperature.

Of course my favorite part is the final question: What are we going to do about it?

What ARE we going to do about a nonexistent phenomenon? What are we going to do about the gremlins at the center of Neptune?

DRKTS and his 100% pure, concentrated Global Warming. The best a SNAKE OIL can get!


I don't think i can [define it]. I just kind of get a feel for the phrase. - keepit

A Spaghetti strainer with the faucet running, retains water- tmiddles

Clouds don't trap heat. Clouds block cold. - Spongy Iris

Printing dollars to pay debt doesn't increase the number of dollars. - keepit

If Venus were a black body it would have a much much lower temperature than what we found there.- tmiddles

Ah the "Valid Data" myth of ITN/IBD. - tmiddles

Ceist - I couldn't agree with you more. But when money and religion are involved, and there are people who value them above all else, then the lies begin. - trafn

You are completely misunderstanding their use of the word "accumulation"! - Climate Scientist.

The Stefan-Boltzman equation doesn't come up with the correct temperature if greenhouse gases are not considered - Hank

:*sigh* Not the "raw data" crap. - Leafsdude

IB STILL hasn't explained what Planck's Law means. Just more hand waving that it applies to everything and more asserting that the greenhouse effect 'violates' it.- Ceist
17-09-2016 18:51
Tim the plumber
What drove the period of the holocene optimal which was probably warmer than now?
Edited on 17-09-2016 18:51
17-09-2016 19:01
The Sun, obviously![/s]
17-09-2016 19:11
If I google Holocene warming it mentions Milankovitch cycles, five seconds work, If that.
17-09-2016 19:11
If I google Holocene warming it mentions Milankovitch cycles, five seconds work, If that.
18-09-2016 08:18
IB has a few actual points. Unfortunately, they are outweighed by the hand-waves of "well deforestation isn't covered in Thermodynamics 101 so it obviously can't affect anything".

Circular logic is tricky. "Nothing can prove GW, since Planck disproves it. You know how Planck disproves GW? Well, there doesn't appear to be any good evidence for GW, so my guess was correct - it does violate Planck!"

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