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18-03-2019 19:17
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Tai Hai Chen wrote:
Surface Detail wrote:

Perhaps it would have been a good idea to bone up a little on the topic before spamming all the threads with your ignorance!

Law of Conservation states something does not not produce energy by the formula E = mc^2 changing mass into energy cannot increase heat. Greenhouse effect violates Law of Conservation of Energy.

I think you will find that fusion and fission both convert matter into thermal energy, and that in turn can heat something.
Tai Hai Chen wrote:
IMO greenhouse gases do not produce heat, they redistribute heat, making Earth cool in the day and warm at night, reduces day night temperature difference, in contrast to Earth's moon which is very hot in day and very cold at night with a large day night temperature difference.

This is actually true of ALL gasses in the atmosphere. They do not have to be Holy gasses like CO2.

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