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Western nations commit domination suicide

Western nations commit domination suicide28-04-2019 01:41
Tai Hai Chen
When America had nukes in 1945 and no one else did, they didn't conquer the world without firing a shot when they had the chance. Now Britain, France willingly dismantled the biggest empires humanity has ever seen. And now western nations including America are doing domination suicide by banning fossil fuel. Fossil fuel will make China dominate the world. And when China dominates the world, it won't be nice for western people.
28-04-2019 03:09
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
I doubt China would want to take over America, or actually could, might kill us all, but we don't give up easy. Economically, we have everything we really need, just there are too many greedy people that want, who always want more. We are also pretty lazy, and wasteful. Would China really want such a country, where 40% of the population expects free stuff from the government, rather than getting a job, and earning money to pay for what they want? The other 60% worked hard for what they have, and value, they won't give it up easy or cheap. We are also one of the few remaining countries, that allow citizens to own guns, and a few other things that can be used, if push comes to shove.

How come there are no Made in China vehicles sold in America? I realize that every car sold in America has many parts made in China, why not the whole car? Seems to me that China would want to dominate that market too. Then again, if cars were crazy cheap, more people would be driving, and the war against oil and CO2 would be lost kind of quick. Wonder 'Climate Change' is really a Chinese propaganda weapon, and part of the take over strategy. I figured the chinese were smarter than most countries, and not buying in to the nonsense. But what if they are the ones who created it? It is a pretty smart strategy, appeals to the greedy and the stupid, get people fighting amongst themselves, no need to invade. The cost of battling the phantom CO2 foe, is costly and time consuming.
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