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War07-06-2024 19:26
A working Bessler Wheel will allow me to ask Putin if I would've been allowed to realize Bessler's Wheel years ago, would Russia have been willing to use a resource/energy embargo along with U.N. Resolution 181 and its Article 39 as a bargaining tool to have avoided invading Ukraine?
If so then everyone having the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion does not give ME the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness in the U.S.
It's the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph.

It's possible my being attacked and harassed while needing major surgery will show how toxic the West is as it will attack anyone it can. Both Ancient Rome and the 3rd Reich had that level of "patriotism", "nationalism", etc. Why Scandinavia is different than the rest of Europe, it fought against the Holy Roman Empire which is responsible for U.N. Resolution 181 and the wars it has allowed.

p.s. Alan Bauldree, if Putin likes the idea of using America's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with no action by the U.N. to enforce Article 39 then Russia's invasion of Ukraine is justified yet might've been avoidable. That's a lot of dead people so people like you Alan can say you're the greatest people in the world. And this is because it's okay to stalk and harass people in America. Even funerals get picketed while pro-Palestinian protests are discouraged. That doesn't make any sense yet it is the law in America for the most part.
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