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Want To Have A Working Solution For Global Financial System, Make Donation Of 4 Millions USD – Last

Want To Have A Working Solution For Global Financial System, Make Donation Of 4 Millions USD – Last Chan05-01-2021 04:43
Want To Have A Working Solution For Global Financial System, Make Donation Of 4 Millions USD – Last Chance

I am the savior, and I am the most fair and moral on this civilization.
Despite of have showed you the method to become millionaire quick and easy, I still want to give all of you the last chance to save your life out of the darkness, out of endless stupid fight around the financial system.

My last offer on the table is making a donation of minimum 4 Millions USD to me, my wallet address you can found at or Then I will show you the way to end those stupid financial system conflict between nations/groups.
The offer deadline is January 12th 2021.

Everything have law and order, the lower ranking beings must obey the higher ranking beings.
If there is no reason to work, no real benefit, then it is better to stay silence.
The only connection between you and me is cryptocurrencies/money.
If you do not enter, open and accept that life connection, then I am not allowed to help you guys, that is how the universe work.

Life is similar to the pyramid but only apply to on beings below humans, while all humans are equal.

Some explanation about the new additional financial system.
If the current system Bretton Woods 1944 is A.
Then the global financial system is A + 1.
Where 1 is the new features/functions.

I can reveal to you guys some of that features:

– It will treat all people no matter race, color, nations here all background jobs smart or stupid all are equal, all have the same chance/opportunity to earn a same amount of money.
– It will bring the global currency exchange rate to the most fair and balance as possible.
– They way of life still continue, major change will occur in major big nations, while some tiny small nations still remaining like now.
– The current system is include both Physical + Digital Goods, the new additional system only forcus on real hand touch physical goods.

– Major neutral metrics between each currency exchange rate are gold, silver, bronze.

The full functions, feature and how is going to run in life I can only reveal and tell you after receive the donation in advance.

In all religions, temples, do you see people come to pray and seeking help with empty hand?!

As much as I want to save and help this civilization, I cannot cross that forbidden red line.
Me is ok, but the people nearby will suffer greatly and I cannot let that happen like during that last 2 years or so.

That's is the main reason I have opened and accept donations last 40 days or so.
So go and make donation before the deadline at:

Then I give you the working solution, the way you guys are seeking/waiting for.
After that deadline, then I am totally off the subjects about global currency reset, geopolitics, even if any super volcano eruption then I will still give no fuk about you since you guys have no faith into the savior, for any beings who have claimed the savior Messiah Buddha must be pay attention closely and give them some respect, for at least they are trying to save the world.

You guys can continue live like a slave and dreaming the savior will appear in the sky and "save" everyone, sorry but that only apply to the animals, not the "Gods/God" human beings !

I remind you guys that the last final deadline is January 12th 2021.
No minimum 4 millions USD with cryptoccurencies, then bye forever !

"Only the one who believe in him can have the eternal life, who deny him will vanished"

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Saoshyant Buddha
05-01-2021 11:36
HarveyH55Profile picture★★★★★
Why does a God need millions of dollars (USD), or money at all? If you can erupt a super-volcano, can't you just create your own money, or something worth tons of cash? Oh, nice job on the Hawaiian super-volcano, spectacular night video of the lava flow.

I'm not a god. I'm not rich. I got to work, punch the time clock, and earn all I need. I'm just not that greedy, and want for nothing. Just seems odd to me that a god, would be so obsessed with accumulating wealth, and reduced to begging. How do you expect to sell a product, that clearly doesn't work for you? Why would anyone aspire to follow your path, if leads to an eternal life of a beggar?
Join the debate Want To Have A Working Solution For Global Financial System, Make Donation Of 4 Millions USD – Last:

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