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Virus Is Good For Life But Stupid Uneducated People Make It Look Bad

Virus Is Good For Life But Stupid Uneducated People Make It Look Bad19-06-2021 09:15
Virus Is Good For Life But Stupid Uneducated People Make It Look Bad

Nuclear is bad, "we should not use nuclear for clean energy", that what stupid beings are talking, demanding.
The truth is that nuclear energy is the most safest, cleanest, best way to generate electric energy on Earth at the moment.
You cannot compare nuclear weapons vs nuclear energy generator !

If you want to fully know and understand what happening with the corona virus NCOV COVID, you must ask various questions, use your brain to analyze and connect the dots.
Firstly, what is virus, what is virus job, how it formed?
Virus is not dangerous, it is too small beyond seen even with most microscope tools !
Virus formed by only "suck" the surplus "chemicals, toxins" such as proteins out of human body to release it back to natural environment through various way such as cough, sinus, etc.
Virus do not have power and cannot replicate itself without the help from human body.

Just like you cannot print paper unless you have another blank paper + ink !

If you do not have those surplus toxins, chemicals, there is no way virus can replicate and "harm" your body.
If virus such as corona virus NCOV COVID is truly dangerous then all people on Earth must get COVID already and must die at much higher rate.

What make those virus look bad is similar when you have traffic congestion with many cars, motorbikes suddenly.
Because of the replicate ability, you seen a lot of virus at short amount of time.
But after "release" back to nature environment your body will be fine, just like the road will back to normal state once the congestion gone !

Vaccine will only make life look worst !
Vaccine is similar to money borrowing from black market.
First you may feel good, but later the "total cost" you are going to pay will much much higher than the original normal banks (here is natural way Earth).
So overall, vaccine is extremely bad, it should only be used if children (do not grow enough to deal with life) got harmful at the mass and should only be used via volunteers.

If you want to deal with corona virus COVID or any other type of virus, just treat it like computer virus !
When you got computer virus, the first thing you need to do is shut down the internet then do whatever you can to eliminate those outsider virus.
Same here when you have COVID or any other kind of virus, you need to shut down connection with outside like stay at home, stop eating fasting as much as possible and choose carefully what you eating (when you eating any kine of foods which mean you also connect with outside).

Above is the best summary of this whole stupid corrupt scam corona virus event !

Do not scare, this is just pure stupid scam pandemic event from those secret controllers like most national government, secret societies groups, etc.

The Most Natural Vaccine Way For All People Is Fasting, Stop Eating !

People was and are over eating from their childhood.
If you are looking for a way to defeat the corona virus NCOV COVID, then it must be fasting (only drink pure water, do not eating any solid food) for few days to a week.
All of so called vaccine jabs made in lab house, which are promoting on the media is pure scam, pure stupid.
If the "diseases" have the symptom very unclear and not display outside the body, then it must let people do it own and self survival.

The database and number indicated that the birth per day still about 2.38 times to the death per day, which is very fine.

It shows the COVID is pure scam and pure stupid from the super idiots "controllers" group.

If you put all so called "vaccine" back to history, then human would never able to self "upgrade" and still living like animals !

If you guys continue make the wrong decision about vaccine, not let people growing and use their own brain to think, then the mega natural disaster will come !

Best Regard,
The Savior Messiah Buddha

19-06-2021 10:48
This virus has never been isolated. The method they use to " isolate" a virus is unscientific. They simply create such conditions (reducing the nutrition ,pumping in antibiotics and adding "infected cells"), that the sample of the cells will start to die and then they call this a cytophatic effect which supposedly should prove the existence of the virus. A guy called Stefan Lanka debunked this pseudoscience. He simply took healthy cells and reduced the nutrition and pumped in atibiotics and showed that the so called "cytopathic" effect would follow despite not adding those "infected cells".
Pasteur himself, on his deathbed said: "I was wrong. The germ is nothing. The Terrain is everything." By terrain, he meant the internal balance of the body – the health of the cells and the immune system.

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