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US International Treaty to make protesting Climate Change ILLEGAL

US International Treaty to make protesting Climate Change ILLEGAL23-12-2013 08:38
Hi, I am new here and care about are environment. I don't know how many of you have heard about the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP an agreement between the US and 12 mostly Asian Dictator nations that will create new COURTS to make protesting Climate Change or Global warming illegal.

Please click these links to learn more or copy and paste these links and just paste them on the tool bar above:

From the Huffington Post:

Video from Youtube:

As you can see the Trans Pacific Partnership is very dangerous to the people trying to protect the earth from Climate Change but there is more. Basically as these video's and news articles show the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP would censor the internet and forums such as this and other political forums in the name of Copyright Infringement including comments on a news article, would make affordable Generic drugs gone from the market because the Trans Pacific Partnership would extend patents, put patents on life saving surgeries which means the patent holder for any reason can tell a hospital that they cannot perform a life saving procedure because the patent holder has said NO, Lower American Wages, stop MADE IN THE USA on food products which means your food could be made in unregulated dictator nations such as Vietnam and you would not be able to know where your food is being made.

All in all the Trans Pacific Partnership is dangerous and Corporations who could not give a damn about are environment are pushing a procedure called FAST TRACK.. What Fast Track does is allow the Senate to have just an up and down vote and agree not to change the TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP TREATY or amend the treaty in any way and instead of having the usual 67 senate votes to ratify a treaty for the Trans Pacific Partnership the Treaty would only require a mere 51 votes in the senate to pass. Republicans are pushing the House and Senate to vote for the FAST TRACK PROCEDURE but it is not just the Republicans, sadly President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid favor FAST TRACK.

Remember once a treaty is ratified it cannot be overturned even by the Supreme Court according to an old treaty we signed back in the 1940's called the TREATY OF VERSAILLES. Again this treaty would create NEW COURTS and who would be the judge a CORPORATION LAWYER. In other words this treaty basically takes away the Sovereignty of the United State of America and it's Constitution.

Much of the main stream press including Fox News and MSNBC and even CNN are silent about the Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP because they as being owned by Corporations have a vested interest in the Trans Pacific Partnership.

That is why I urge you to contact these members of the House WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE **CLICK HERE**-> and the Senate Finance Committee **CLICK HERE->

Tell them NO TO INTRODUCING A FAST TRACK BILL IN THE HOUSE AND SENATE NEXT YEAR. According to many News Sources the House and Senate plan to introduce Fast Track NEXT YEAR tell them NO CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ->

Please as well call Democrat Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon who sits on the Senate Finance Committee and is planning on taking over as Montana Democrat Senator Max Baucus is leaving next year because of his new job as ambassador to China. Senator Wyden is a defender or environmental rights and the internet as he was the one who put a block on the SOPA internet censorship bill last time that would have censored and destroyed the World Wide Web as we know it. Tell Senator Wyden NO TO FAST TRACK LEGISLATION NEXT YEAR. **CLICK HERE TO CONTACT SENATOR WYDEN** tel (202) 224-5244
fax (202) 228-2717

Please as well call your Senators and Congresspeople at 2022243121 and tell them NO TO THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP AND FAST TRACK. Just give the operator when you call your zip code and the operator will do the rest.

Please as well sign these petitions online and Facebook and Twitter them to friends and family online:

Click the links below:

This treaty will undermined every aspect of are lives and protests and free speech will be nullified under this treaty because according to the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership treaty the US Constitution and Free Speech and Free Right to protest are Null and Void and the New Courts this Treaty will create will make sure you are kept silent. We must stop the Treaty. Please sign the petition, get in contact with your Senators and Congresspeople as well as the House WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE AND THE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE who are again planning on introducing a FAST TRACK bill to sneak and make it easy for this Treaty to pass with only 51 votes in the senate instead of 67. Please this is a corporate dream and the environment and us the protectors of the environment will suffer if the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership becomes law. We must stop it. Please FIGHT AND STOP THE TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP.

Edited on 23-12-2013 08:39
Join the debate US International Treaty to make protesting Climate Change ILLEGAL:

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