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Understanding The Modern Slave Economic System As Of 2022

Understanding The Modern Slave Economic System As Of 202213-03-2022 10:35
Understanding The Modern Slave Economic System As Of 2022

Since the World War II till today as of the year 2022, we are all living in the slave system (I call is as the modern slave economic system).

The "head" of the modern slave economic system are the US Dollar and the Euro.
Most 99.99% people only chasing and care about money (the magic fiat money).
How many people even wonder and know where those fiat paper money come from?
Sorry, the media the government do not want them to know because they have no moral and just want to "enslave" the rest.

The lawless capitalism is go off the chart.
All the leaders, authority and government do is just watch, they don't care about the rest.
That's why the gap between the rich and the poor growing quickly.
The authority do not do the job they are suppose to do which is stable the system and make is balance and fair to all.

Big company grow bigger by "acquire" start-up, rising star company. There is no room for unique and diversity !
Thus the system become monopoly with every little to no competition between companies.

And people chasing for money without caring about common sense, moral, behavior.
It is all because of the system, it is all because of the authority do nothing !

That's why this civilization heading to destruction and complete collapse road way !

Do not expect miracle or any super deities come out of nowhere to help, because they have zero interest and lack of connection.

Many top leaders both in the public and in the shadow going to doom and die, that's the only way to "encourage" them to change and help the society.

The China, Russia and "communist" group are trying to do something for now after the stupid COVID pandemic that made them realized "something" in life but too little too late, but still better than do nothing !

Since I do not get paid to give advice/solution so I won't talk and share any new one (I have given some hint last month about the perfect solution and new economic system already).

The modern slave economic system must end in this year 2022, there is no return point !
Prepare for the great reset of modern day !

Best Regard,
The Savior

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