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Trump Sued Over New Coal Rules

Trump Sued Over New Coal Rules14-08-2019 02:37

I don't know why the opposition for coal burning electric plants, it's not like they are the preferred generators these days. Those that depend on them, until they can switch to natural gas or something else, shouldn't be punished. Coal ash needs to be dumped, it's getting to be a problem. Natural gas is cheap and plentiful these days, and preferred for new plant builds. We still have a lot of coal in the ground, and plenty of people who want to buy it still. It's jobs, and money into the economy.

After decades of the 'Global Warming' scare and nothing substantial materializing, should America get back to work, focus on the things that are of greatest importance? I don't think the lawsuits will stand up, just annoying how everything our president attempts to do, to help the American people get back on their feet, and off welfare, gets challenged, and delayed in the courts. Mostly, silly, frivolous challenges, with no merit to begin with. The states the challenge, should pay a price, when they lose. They aren't just wasting time, but also money better used for other things.
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