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today13-03-2020 05:47
Today's overreaction can look like tomorrow's underreaction.
Rory Mcilroy.
13-03-2020 06:23
keepit wrote:
Today's overreaction can look like tomorrow's underreaction.
Rory Mcilroy.

One of the problems is when some airlines wanted to screen passengers. The media went after that. People who travelled weren't told to wear masks to ensure if they were a carrier that they couldn't pass it on. I mean if a person doesn't get noticeably ill from it, how long until it's considered they wouldn't be contagious?
The door for its spread was opened wide because you can't tell people who are sick not to get on an airplane. And when people got sick on a cruise ship, everyone not obviously infected should've been made to take measures to prevent them from spreading it in case they were carriers.
There was simply no prevention. I guess people need this.
13-03-2020 10:53
In US people are already panicking hard. Someone got stabed over the mineral water in the mall. Always remember that we are 9 meals away from cannibalism.
13-03-2020 13:33
I don't anybody who is panicking.
Your talk about cannibalism is a little disturbing though.
13-03-2020 13:55
What is disturbing about cannibalism? People will turn to it in case of famine.
14-03-2020 07:29
Amanbir GrewalProfile picture★☆☆☆☆
30 bucks for a day's work and you have a forum going for yurselves!!!!!


get some life! LIFE!

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