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This is interesting, pertinent - "The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case"

This is interesting, pertinent - "The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case"10-06-2018 05:27
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
Pilger's Statement

"There is a silence among many who call themselves left. The silence is Julian Assange. As every false accusation has fallen away, every bogus smear shown to be the work of political enemies, Julian stands vindicated as one who has exposed a system that threatens humanity...

Bit of a God Pilger - climate change bullshitters are lucky he's got other fish to fry.
Viva Assange.
It's really embarrassing posting this here.
Two scandinavian supporters is what got him into this mess.

I know this might be the wrong sub, but it's not like I scuttled it in the bay and washed the axe.

"Bring us your sick and tired, your educated ..."
24-06-2018 04:53
moncktonProfile picture★★★☆☆
yeah sure, too little too late buddy.

"The role of journalists is grudgingly accepted by western nations as an inconvenient necessity, a measure of democracy, but the fact is executive government has done all it can to manage the news, to restrict what journalists can reveal about the secret activities of state.

One well-tried method is to "shoot the messenger", or at least cripple his or her capability to reveal important and unpleasant truths..."
Join the debate This is interesting, pertinent - "The Eerie Silence Surrounding the Assange Case":

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